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Location Principote / GRC
Minimum age Y.O
Duration 1 H
Group size UP to 2 guests
Features Included drinks and equipment


At the pristine beach of Panormos, Mykonos, Principote is a club beyond the ordinary: It is a place where luxury rises to a whole new realm, amidst comfortable elegance and discreet service. It is a space to escape mundane opulence and feel uniquely appreciated, relaxed in supreme leisure among tactile and intangible treasures.

Breathe. Exist. Truly. Essentially.
This is the spirit of Principote.

Principote is an enchanting call to luxurious Mykonos summer living, through indulgent seaside dining experiences, discreet private VIP lounging, joyful celebrations, mesmerizing bespoke parties, events and weddings, flooding all senses through unparalleled personalized services that blend seamlessly.

At Principote absolutely nothing is out of reach. Ensuring the highest standards of excellence in leisure and lifestyle, Principote provides its cherished guests with the serenity and security they are after, while creating a unique heaven full of delights with exquisite surprises and distinguished services, a cut above the rest.


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