Known for the well established venues in New York City and Miami, TAO is another trendy hot spot to hit in Las Vegas. Located in the Venetian Hotel, this venue is a restaurant, lounge, and club all wrapped into one, offering delectable food, all-night dancing, and a truly magical asian experience.

TAO has been bringing in the dough for quite some time now. For a few years in a row, it was the highest grossing independent restaurant in the entire country, and has ranked in the top 100 for 24 years now. At the end of its first full year being open, TAO did $55.2 million in business - $16 million more than its closest competitor, and one of the most famous restaurants in the world, Tavern on the Green in New York City.

Upon entrance into the restaurant, the ceiling and walls are shaped into a cylinder; from a faraway view of the hallway, it looks like a time warped tunnel. As it begins to suck you into the Asian abyss of the restaurant, you can’t help but notice what’s to the left and right of you. Impeccably placed between each ripple of spine that makes the ceiling, is a small bathtub that looks as though a coconut has been sliced open and perfectly placed right side up. Within the coconut bathtubs are women adorned in flowers. Yup, you heard us correctly. There are naked women who are covered in only floral designs, as they play with floating rose petals in the water.

Towering over the room, the obligatory seated Buddha watches over the beautiful clientele coming into TAO. The decor is adorned in deep luscious orange and red colors that are coupled with the gold hues and glossy finishes of the statues and banquets. The ambience of classic, traditional asian culture is complemented with a modern take on the cuisine and atmosphere. Consisting of an Opium Room, a Chill Lounge, and a main dining room, the restaurant is a wonderful compilation of yummy food and trendy atmosphere. As said before, TAO is vibe dining, where it’s not so much a restaurant with good music, but more a nightclub that has just been improved with food.

The nightclub is just adjacent to the restaurant and allows for the perfect place to which to migrate just after finishing your little eats. Located just above the venue is TAO Beach, which is open daily during pool season and brings all of the aspects of restaurant and club to an incredible daytime party.

Whether you are attracted to TAO for the delicious cuisine, the clubby dancing, or the beautiful girls in the bathtubs, you’ll be sure to have a memorable night here. There’s no promise for the girls in the bathtubs, as they are not there every night, but hey, you should always stay hopeful. Anything can happen in Vegas, right?