Whether or not you decide to actually sleep in the city that never sleeps, the party in Las Vegas certainly never dies. If you’re headed here for a scandalous bachelor party, a weekend getaway from reality, or to attempt a reenactment of The Hangover, your time will certainly be memorable - even if you can’t remember it.

One of the most legendary venues in all of Vegas is Hakkasan, as it sets a pretty high standard for the club scene in this city. At five stories high, Hakkasan not only has a restaurant and lounge, but also a massive club and outdoor garden. The bottom two floors belong to the eatery: the VIP private dining area overlooks the ground level’s main dining room, also known as the cage. Known for their Cantonese cuisine, the geometric decor coupled with the aqua colored walls will pull you deep into the middle of the Indian and Pacific Oceans of the Asian world.

On the third level, there lies the Ling Ling Lounge, and the Ling Ling Club, each providing an intimate nightlife experience. Adorned with electric blue and red lights, this floor is enticing for patrons to enjoy a cocktail after dinner before venturing upstairs to the exciting club area - where there is a huge dance floor, a grand DJ station, and a huge mezzanine with VIP booths. Partying at Hakkasan is an all encompassing experience: tasteful, momentous, and by all means exciting.

If the priorly mentioned club doesn’t fulfill all your hopes and dreams for a classic night out, XS certainly will - as it is all of the above, and more. Extravagant and ornate in decor, XS brings the top rated party in all of Las Vegas. In fact, it has been rated the number one top grossing club in the entire country for a number of years in a row now. I suppose people really do go to Las Vegas to drop some dough, don’t they?

Inside there is a glistening party room, while outside there is a sparkling pool that rips down the center of VIP cabanas and elite tables providing bottle service all night. Ladies can be found wearing their typical beach gear, garnished with the perfect side of strappy heels and shiny jewelry. Also known for their Sunday night parties, if you’re not at Omnia to  nightcap your weekend, you’ll probably be partying pretty hard with Vegas’ most beautiful people at Sunday NightSwim at XS.

Another ambitiously wild scene is at Omnia Nightclub, located in the famed Caesar’s Palace. Designed by the internationally renowned Rockwell Group, this venue is also multiple stories with a main room, a lounge, a mezzanine level, and a rooftop. Everything about Omnia is inviting and opulent in appearance and design.

Party goers exhaust their feet on the expansive dance floor; just above them, spot lights are strung in a circle around a massive chandelier that sits in the center of the room. Incandescent beams of light glaze down as though you are here to let loose under a space shuttle, waiting to be abducted into the magical night of a never ending party in Las Vegas. With spurts of dry ice, the obligatory confetti drops, and gleaming LED lights, your night at Omnia will be all-things exciting. Specially known for their Sunday night parties, if you plan to return to work on Monday morning, think again.

Located in the famed Cosmopolitan Hotel on the Vegas strip, Marquee brings a day party as well as a night party. Starting as early as 10am, you can swing by to nurse your hangover from the night before with a cocktail by the pool until the sun sets at 7pm. After that, siesta calls, and you can return in your party gear after 10pm for a full night of dancing, drinking, and an amazing sound system with a stimulating experience. With acclaimed DJs like Armin Van Buuren, Benny Benassi, and Kaskade appearing here in the past, Marquee holds its name to be one of the best venues in the country for good beats and energizing parties. With a main room, a lower level, a lounge, and a rooftop patio, you’ll never run out of places to explore at Marquee on your Vegas night out.

For another club that will not disappoint, head to Surrender, located in the Wynn Encore Hotel. It is meticulously placed so that you must walk through the casino to enter the venue, but don’t get too distracted by blackjack because the party awaits your arrival. With gold, opulent, tufted couches and bright red pillows, this club drips in extravagance and luxury. With an oversized polished serpent just above the bar, each guest is left with the image of a snake slithering along the wall as they order their delicious cocktails.

Behind them, sexy, mysterious girls dance on poles above the crowd, just around the round tables with bottle service. Outside, the elegant pool and tall palm trees are lit with blue lights for night ambience, and the pool curves between the crowd on either side of a fountain in the center. Big DJ names like Diplo and Dillon Francis have spun here bringing in a trendy crowd that wants to party hard.

If you’re intimidated by the serpent at Surrender and need a little more zen in your life, head to TAO to be comforted by Buddha, good food, and lots of dancing. Located in the Venetian Hotel, TAO is a restaurant, lounge, nightclub, and beach club providing many experiences for Vegas partiers.

The restaurant is known for its traditional asian cuisine, including culinary elements from China, Japan, and Thailand, that have been combined with exquisite modern aspects. TAO Beach attracts a crowd to its pool during the day, while the restaurant and nightclub are a bit more for the later hours of the night. Scattered around the patio of the pool are brightly colored cabanas with oriental-styled canopy tops, giving the entire venue a feeling that you’ve stepped off the Vegas strip right into an asian abyss.

Regardless of which venue you choose for your experience in Las Vegas, you’ll be sure to make a few memories that should only stay there. Afterall, what happens in Vegas… stays in Vegas.